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Welcome the MakoHaru forums! Empty Welcome the MakoHaru forums!

Post by Anco on Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:12 pm

This forum as the title implies, is basically a MakoHaru centered forum. It's meant to be a place where MakoHaru fans will gather to talk about their pairing, amongst other things. Of course everyone and anyone is welcome to join since we will have general threads where members can talk about other Free! pairings or characters.

However, this place will be primarily MakoHaru oriented. That means the makoharu fans are free to mention their pairing in almost every threads if they want to. It also means that pairings with Haruka/Makoto x someone else, don't belong here. If you really can't stand Makoto and Haruka as a pairing, loathe or hate the idea of them together,  then you shouldn't join or be here in the first place.

Since the forum is brand new and still in construction, please allow us sometimes while we try to make this place as wonderful as possible for you guys. Bear with us.

Edit: We've locked the main sections of the forum, aka the Free! and MakoHaru sections. You will need to join to access those parts.

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