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princess sachiko's super special thread Empty princess sachiko's super special thread

Post by Sachi-pon on Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:36 pm

wow i didn't even know there was a makoharu forum... that is so awesome XD i signed up immediately, i couldn't resist lol. but idk how active i will be here because i have a bad habit of disappearing from sites for many days at a time oops

hi, i'm jasmine!  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy i am obsessed with free!/"swimming anime"!! but i'm also obsessed with anime and manga in general. i've been an "otaku" for many years. my goal is to become a manga creator. i want to create shojo. so, one day i hope to have a big fanbase for my mangas. in other words, i just want to have a passionate fandom around my own characters like i have a passion for makoto and haru, and every other anime character i've ever been a fan of. ;__; free! intimidates me because i feel enormous pressure to be able to create such well-written characters and gorgeous art. i've had this manga creator goal for a long time, and i have been building up my skill levels. hopefully i will create some makoharu mini-manga (i call it that when it's around 10 pages or less) but i draw VERY SLOWLY so... yeah it'll be a while =(

i'm very silly, i love making fun of myself, and also everything in free!. XD i just have a really big sense of humor and like to make others laugh. (on the internet. i'm shy in real life)

i love to ramble on and on about everything- i talk a lot. and i like reading other people's comments/ rambles/ analysis/ etc as well. especially if it's about makoharu of course.

my deviantart and tumblr are both "sachi-pon." and i also have a makoharu tumblr called "makoharuland." i will make a post on makoharuland about this forum ^___^

now i'm gonna read the rest of your introductions too~~

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princess sachiko's super special thread Empty Re: princess sachiko's super special thread

Post by Anco on Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:51 pm

Hey Sachi, welcome to the forums! I wish you good luck on your goal and hope I'll be one of your fans. I'm not usually into shoujo except when the characters really appeal to me. So I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of characters you'll create for your works!

Don't worry about rambling a lot, I do the same. Never hesitate to ramble over MakoHaru or any other characters here.

Before I forget, thank you very much for advertising for the forum. We can never have enough! Hope to see you around a lot!!

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